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>> lost on the water. 62-year-old woman vanishes while wind surfing on the bay. 62-year-old woman vanishes while wind surfing on the bay. 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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>> san francisco police say this man fired first. >> and tonight they provide what they say is evidence to back it up. fichlt good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. parolee from washington state was shot and killed in san francisco bay view on saturday. >> and from the moment it happened angry response by some who claim the man was unarmed. lillian is in the newsroom with evidence that lillian say police say proves otherwise. >>reporter: san francisco police presented video and audio clips they say corroborates their version of events. san francisco police went on the offensive today. two days after officers shot an
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killed a man in the bay view district. chief greg stir replayed joyed shot by a witness that show as gun on the ground believed to have belonged to the suspect. >> you can clearly see a gun right here. >>reporter: they released audio recording for the shot spotter system that pick up 10 shots fired in a 6 second period. they say bolster their account that the suspect shot at them first. about pl. >> there's a time of 1.9 seconds between the first shot and the second shot. it is that time period that we believe that the first shot was fired by the suspect and officers then were in a position to identify and respond accordingly to being fired upon. >>reporter: suspect 19-year-old kenneth harding was parolee from washington state. police say the whole thing started when harding ran away from them during a routine inspection at light rail stop
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but many in the bay view district unconvinced that police acted appropriately. >> you can wound a man and if the gun fall away from him and if he has begun that's fine but to continue shooting him it lacked lick mass murder to the people out here on the street. >>reporter: 3 3 separate investigation noose saturday shooting. as they are being conducted san francisco police commissioner joe marshall is asking for calm. >> i don't like people jumping to conclusions before they know exactly what happened. and that's what we are trying to bring to light. >>reporter: news of harding death reached all the way to seattle. harding was a person of interest in the july 13 murder of 19-year-old l gilber gilbert. with his death her family fears never have the answer they are looking for. as to why the seattle teenager was gunned down as she sat in a car with friends. >> is they would have preferred to ask him. was i an accident or not or you don't know the person is going to tell the truth or not but you still want to ask them. >>reporter: police chief and other city officials will host
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a town hall meeting to discuss the shooting. meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. wednesday at the bay view opera house. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. all right thank you lillia lillian. >> search continues rate now for a missing wind surfer who vanished in the water near san mateo o. woman last seen about 400 yards offshore near the area known as wind surf park. it's in the coyote point area of san mateo county. her husband she was due back at 5:30 tonight. the coast guard joint rescue crew from san mateo, san leandro fire and foster city in the search. she's an experienced wind surfer they say. >> she does have a wetsuit so that's positive. she cost have a board that is something she can float on and hopefully stay out of the water. we are trying hard. doing everything we can. >>reporter: and as night fell the coast guard took over the search and still has rescue boats out on the water. >> richmond police are concerned about spike in gang violence. they believe a
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double murder this morning is connected to another shooting in north richmond. tonight allen speaks to a victim's mother. woman who has been down this tragic road before. >> i lost a the lot of nephew right there. and i never brok broke. never did that. even when my son died l. >>reporter: now 61-year-old grace lee is holding back the tears again. after her 37-year-old son tl and female acquaintance gun down and killed last night. another woman with them was critically injured at this apartment complex in unincorporated north richmond. in all miss lee lost 2 sons and 4 nephews to street violence. >> i don't understand it. until killing filth seems like pl we always lose. >>reporter: police say just 45 minutes before yesterday double homicide a man in his 20's was
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shot in the 200 block of gertrude avenue not far away. he is in critical condition and police believe the shootings are related. >> because of the proximity of the location and because we have had problems in the past with north richmond and central richmond. >>reporter: asfrid her struggle to fight back her tear miss lee says she's fighting cancer. >> it's in my brain. about unfortunately no operation for that. >>reporter: she don't know how much longer she has but grace lee says she will continue holding back her tears. even though she's quite certain more young people will die in the streets out here. in richmond, allen wong 7 news. l fire swept through an apartment building in san jose tonight displacing 10 people. firefighters were called to the complex near la nye and waive easterly avenue around 7:30. blaze broke in and out one unit and quickly spread to 2 others. took more than an hour to bring the fire under control. resident from 2 units had to be
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evacuated. firefighters say no one was home in the third unit. no injuries were reported. >> l san francisco chapter of the naacp plans to call for a national campaign against u.s. airways over the arrest of a man wearing sagy pants. group picketed today at san francisco international airport. they are upset over last month arrest of this man at sfo after u.s. airway flight crew accused him of revving to pull up his pants. protestors say since u.s. airway recently allowed a cross dresser to fly, his arrest is racial profiling. >> we are not dealing with dress. we are dealing with discrimination pl and that is obvious based on the fact that have been presented to us. >>reporter: spokesperson for u.s. airway tells 7 news it looks forward to quote continu continuing the dialogue with the naacp. san francisco chapter says it has not heard from the airline. san leandro cop accused of
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giving more than a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant also his mistress has turned in his badge. 38-year-old jason frederickson had already entered a plea of not guilty to charges of transporting and furnishing marijuana for sale. he remains free on bale. frederickson served on san leandro force for nine years most recently as narcotics squad detective and member of the s.w.a.t. team. pl safeway planning to replace one of the supermarkets in oakland rock ridge neighborhood with one it was as large. take a look. here's the existing safeway 40 years old. new 3 story building will have store front for other small retailer facing the street. market upstairs and parking underground. but some local mir chapter say they are worried the new supermarket will put them out of business. >> i think really truthfully that a block they do we are gone. >> the goal is to not have a negative impact on the local enables. we hope this building will enhance it. >>reporter: whether to allow
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them to forge ahead with the plans is debated at city planning commission meeting on wednesday. >> another company plan at&t effort to roll out the bundle phone internet and tv service in san francisco may hit a city hall road block. community groups today your honor the board of supervisors to require an environmental impact report before at&t can install hundreds of utility boxes like these on city sidewalks. they say the boxes are an eye sore and should be hidden from public view. at&t tells abc 7 news that it will keep the bo boxes off streets with majority of residents oppose them. supervisors will discuss this tomorrow. another day of debt talk and still no deal. how all the talk is affecting your investment in the stock market. >> also. the company that helped put small book stores across the country out of business. expected to begin closing its own doors this wee week. and another giant wall of dust pushing over phoenix. >> those stories and more coming up later on "nightline".
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>> coming up next on "nightline". casey anthony walks out of prison flown to secret location and speculation surges about a possible payday for her. >> plus daniel craig and harrison ford say that making cowboy and aliens was a dream harrison ford say that making cowboy and aliens was a dream come true. that's up next
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harrison ford say that making cowboy and aliens was a dream come true. t♪ ♪s up next free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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>> closed captioning brought to gee most of phoenix arizona nearly blacked out second time in two week by this massive dust storm. 3000 feet high. 15 miles wide. it created dangerous driving conditions and even 38ed some airline nrichlts visibility was down to less than a quarter mile in some areas. winds were gusting up to 40 miles an hour. took about an hour for the dust to clear. >> stock prices took a dive today. largely because of the lack of progress in the debt ceiling talk in washington. dow industrial fell 94 points. nasdaq down 24 and s&p 500 off by 10. meanwhile the house could vote on republican plan this week. here's john. >> after another day of debt talk and no deal the market
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sent unmistakable message. about stocks tumble nearly 100 points. setting off a modern day gold rush. >> listen to that. that's the sound of security. >>reporter: gold is a safe haven in bad times. >> same concept of taking the money out of the market and putting understood your mattress investors taking money out of the market and putting it straight into gold. >>reporter: early this year the university of texas even put 1 billion dollar oven document into gold literally storing more than 6000 gold bars in a vault. still president obama is hopeful. >> we are making progress. >>reporter: holding out for big deal but 4 trillion dollars in spending cuts. >> president still believes we should push for the biggest possible deal. >>reporter: republicans and democrats agree on one thing. they will keep negotiating to meet the august 2nd deadline. >> we are going to stay in session every day. >> every day monday through sunday and p.m. get this problem fixed. >>reporter: promise the market
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seemed to be believing less and less. >> there is a plan nobody first choice called plan b. it would allow the president to raise the debt ceiling by himself. because it doesn't come with spending cut wall street might not buy it. this is abc news washington. whistle blower who exposed the british phone hacking scandal has been found dead. police say the death of former news of the world reporter shawn ordinary doesn't appear to be suspicious. scandal first broke when he went public with alleges that phone hacking was widely used even encouraged at the now defunct news of the world tabloid. second top police officer scotland yard resigned today over his involvement in the scandal. despite weekend arrest former news of the world editor rebecca brooks will testify before british lawmakers tomorrow. former boss rupert murdoch and son james also appear before the parliament committee. >> back here borders could start shutting down the remaining stores as soon as friday putting more than 10,000
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people out of work. earlier this year the book seller shut down 200 stores including this one in alameda. border filed for bankruptcy protection in february but creditor objected to a two 15 million dollar bid to buy the book seller. chain they said would be worth more if it was liquidated. borders is seeking court approval to close 400 stores including 6 in the bay area. the company was hurt by tough competition from on line book sellers as well as discount retailers. state has given amazon okay for voter referendum to kill california 3 week old huh requiring the company to collect sales taxes from customers. amazon insists that the law will hurt the company ability to compete this time is projected to help california collect 200 million dollars a year. amazon however is defying the state saying it will not collect those taxes. >> we are finally seeing temperatures start to climb a little bit. >> finally. sandy is here with a warming forecast. >> yes. by midweek you will
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feel the warmth around here. by this weekend, it is back to average believe it or not. today was a warmer day. we saw lots of sunshine from coast to inland but as you take a look at the time lapse from the mount tam camera you see what happened this afternoon. low cloud and fog rushing back in across the bay there you can see san francisco obscured by the gray skies. just signaling a change in our forecast. briefly for tomorrow cooler coast side as we head into tuesday afternoon. right now as you look at the satellite picture you see how extensive the low clouds and fog are basically around the coast and near the bay but relevant inland places like concord antioch still in the clear. temperatures right now are in the low to mid 60's in many of our inland communities even down the peninsula so milder night we hold on to some of the warmth from earlier today. 59 in santa rosa and in half moon bay right now. low clouds at the coast and bay tonight. sunny in most areas tomorrow
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and we look at warmer weather for your wednesday so take a look at the satellite and rada radar. here's the area of low pressure that is actually bringing some rain right now to redding. pretty heavy there. getting rain around crescent city. it has been lighter there. this area of low pressure has been sitting here for several days now. it is finally going to kick on out of here and move across to the northeast as we head into your tuesday morning. so once the low moves out of here the warming will get under way. but tomorrow the coastal area not going to quiet see the warming because the low clouds will be so extensive in the morning and we have to wait for the cloud to clear. so we look at 50's across the board for the overnight readings with clouds across many parts of the bay area. first thing in the morning clouds maybe a little mist along the coast line then the cloud will pull back. we will see temperatures inland in the 80's. 60's. rate along the coast line. so here are the high for your tuesday. this is an improvement believe it or not. 80 glees campbell and south bay. 79 in san jose. 78 in cupertino. you probably
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recall last week we had temperatures maxing out in the 70's in many areas so we are definitely heading upwards. 76 in milpetas, sunnyvale, on the peninsula mid 70's for san mateo redwood city menlo park right along the coast lane look for temperatures in the low mid 60's, 66 in half machine bay. today high 70 degrees but you are falling a few degrees tomorrow. daly city 62 with lingering clouds. 67 in downtown san francisco." an as you look at the north bay this is where you see upper 70's to low 80's from santa rosa to calistoga, napa, in the east bay nice day 72 in oakland 75 for you in union city, 76 castro valley. head inland numbers in the low to mid 80's for most of you. 87 in brentwood. 84 for livermore, concord monterey bay 76 in santa cruz up to 86 inland in morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast low 60's to mid 80's tomorrow. coast is down a few degrees inland area very similar to
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today. warmer for everyone on wednesday. you see the 90's coming back. 60's at the beaches. see slight downward trend thursday friday but it warms back up over the weekend and into early next week. low to mid 90's inland. low to mid 60's at the coast. this is typical summer weather that we expect and we'll see it. >> thanks. >> well coming up next. would you let your daughter have this doll? >> some say it is a toy that doll? >> some say it is a toy that goes a little too far.
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b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b!b! >> creator more than 200,000 miles away from earth now within reach for the visually impaired thanks to new braille book that debut this evening tenacity a aims research center in moffitt feechltd getting a feel for lunar crater features tack till dramas of lunar surface so you can feel the shape and dimension of the surface. students from the california school for the blind in fremont were among the if is to experience this new educational tool. >> well a controversial doll designed to breast feed will soon be available in stores.
11:24 pm
sold in europe and on line now. now the doll maker plans to present it at last vegas trade show next week and sell it in u.s. stores. doll works by making motions and sucking sounds when a sensor in the mouth gets close to halter top the child wears. make some parents uncomfortable. >> i don't think i'm crazy about this doll. fill think it's ridiculous. come on. let them be little girls. >>reporter: the doll maker says it helps teach children nurturing skills. >> well always support nurturing larry beall. >> yes he's here with sports for us. >> really unusual. about the giants open a home stand with their arch rival. with ryan in all star form. panda. he was their arch rival. with ryan in all star form. panda. he was doing it all. sports next
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about. >> good evening everybody. giants back home where they will be for 16 of the next 22 games hosting the dodgers tonight with the all star ryan continuing what has turned in a dream season for him. that doesn't get any better than joe montana heckling the dodgers? give them an earful. you go joe. where else do you see that? tl ryan picks up where he left off. swing and myself for the ex giant juan. now for the latest giants injury. miguel field ago ground ball off the bat of rafael. booted it and left with a lower abdominal strain replaced by crawford. no score in the fourth. dodgers run it to the corners. tough inning over and demonstration irate. couple key d p turned in by the giants in this one. to the fifth. sandoval. high deep and goodbye. pl off billingsly no.
11:29 pm
9 for the panned a-1 nothing san francisco. giants would bust it open with 4 more runs in the sixth. rovs a two run double right there and the giants cruise to victory over la by a score of 5-nothing. the a's had the night off n.chicago, the sweltering heat got the best of phillies ace hall day. game time temp at at thefeld 91 degrees. so he soaked through the first jersey. changed then left with heat exhaustion in the fifth. his shortest outing in more than 2 years and cubs beat phillies 6-1. meetings meetings more meetings and progress. it is possible that nfl players could vote on new contract maybe by wednesday and lock out over by the end of the week. now there are still certainly issues to be rae solved but all the momentum now is pointing to a deal then you have free agency and then the opening training camp like really soon. if you are evaluating the negotiations you can call it first and goal at
11:30 pm
the 10 yard line. >> as far as the optimistic thing goes, nobody, nobody cheers for you at mile 25 of a marathon. you have to actually cross the finish line. there's still things that could get you tripped up so we are just going to push through and try to finish strong. >>reporter: personal no. so watching the world cup final yesterday and my wife half japanese is khaering for sky pan. and screaming when they do well. lick the whole neighborhood could hear her. i say honey, if you keep this up, they are going to deport you. i'm just saying. okay. any way, japan won. she was happy. despite this goal by ex cal star morgan the japanese really showed amazing determination and spirit to win the match. team usa came home today trying to cope with disappointment. >> the past 12 hours have been a little difficult for us but
11:31 pm
beings support firsthand finally trying to put on the game face and we should be proud what we brought back to the u.s. >>reporter: we finance wish a stunning crash at motor cross event in minnesota. lose it on the jump an airborne 30 feet high. fortunate to land on hillside. he could slide down instead of full impact on flat surface. reed dusted himself off, hopped back on the bike and finished the race. that is one tough dude. i would be out a month. no. no. unable to sportscast. >> wonder what the other guy jumping with him thought. that will leave a mark. >> then see him back in the race. >> and bike survived it too. that's pretty remarkable. >> wally world. >> thank you larry i guess. >> coming up next. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining news have a good >> for all of us here, thanks for joining news have a good night see you tomorrow
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